Cybersecurity needs a Cultural shift

Changes in mindset to invest in awareness, marketing and strengthening governing authorities across the globe.

Year 2020 made histories in many ways, one of the noticed item was the internet usage.

This brings in new possibilities in Digital era for upcoming market, also a good chance to think twice about our Cybersecurity culture. As per the current trend we are running ahead to make many innovations in this space, at the same time, it is a good chance to think more about :

How proactive in making awareness in new users as well existing users?

How we can make more marketing investments to penetrate awareness to users?

How to strengthen our governing authorities and mandatory checks in place?

Let’s start with our new users mandated because of education needs and entertainments. As a parent its our take to make a small change in the way we are spending fun time to make this awareness.

What we tried after identifying the gaps are :

A small bed time story about Hackers, Phishing attacks and its impact in people’s life. Even tried to reimagine the “Hare and Tortoise” by making the Hare fall in a phishing using a yummy carrot 🥕 😊.

A game to make more fun, we have a lot of free games available, pick any one or two and play together and explain.

Making them ambassadors, give a chance to play with Grandparents (now its online only 😔). This will give an automatic awareness for our another set of new users, forced to use internet for basic needs. Yes our parents, may be one or two generation back, still happy to smile 😊 once the first time usage of internet becomes success.

Here comes the first question,

How many investors are ready to make a step towards creating a great awareness campaign ? Or marketing its needs so that it will reach all circles of internet users.

Yes, always there is a reverse question when we put investing as a word “What will be the return on investment ? “ — It’s all man kind (funny right 😊) and to make sure our upcoming generation’s roots will be secured and also the current generation is more protected.

Fact checks :

47% internet usage increase as per PC Mag….

PC Mag

SANGO & COP (Child Online Protection)


Even ITU published much more like Guidelines, Global Security Index (GCI), Resource Pack …etc.

UNICEF — Growing Up in a Connected World

UNICEF (Growing in a Connected World)

Let’s try to make the world safe and better for everyone. A small help or even a 30 min from our busy days could make the roots safe and strong for coming generations.

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