Changes in mindset to invest in awareness, marketing and strengthening governing authorities across the globe.

Year 2020 made histories in many ways, one of the noticed item was the internet usage.

This brings in new possibilities in Digital era for upcoming market, also a good chance to think twice about our Cybersecurity culture. As per the current trend we are running ahead to make many innovations in this space, at the same time, it is a good chance to think more about :

How proactive in making awareness in new users as well existing users?

How we can make more…

AWS Offers a variety of cloud ready to use services, lets see what all experiments we did during 2020 Summer Vacation, specially for Machine Learning Toys oh no Tools, hmm lets make it Devices 😊

Its all about a Daddy & Daughter trying out AWS services to make learnings more fun.

AWS Journey of Daddy & Daughter

AWS DeepComposer

When she asked me about how to play piano, I was clueless without any music background. To be transparent I never tried any music instruments seriously in my life. …

Siju Michael

Living in the Cloud with a design to delivery mindset by solving problems & Loving different tech stacks. More than Tech, a person who Loves to Help others.

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